Know Your Neighbour: Roslyn Johnson


Taking it to the Next Level

After moving to the Columbia Valley in 2013 to work with The Nature Conservancy of Canada, Roslyn recognized that Wildsight “is an organization that knows how to get things done” and embarked on learning more about what we do. Keep your eyes peeled to see what Roslyn gets up to in the months to come, as she is looking to take her commitment with Wildsight to the next level.

Appreciating the Little Things

Roslyn likes to slow down and enjoy the little things that often get overlooked. “If there’s an opportunity for me to sit in an alpine meadow and study every part of a mountain or a flower, then I will. I want to see every hidden rock face and notice every little petal and I want to know how each piece is connected to each other.” It’s the wondrous connections between the little pieces that draw her in. “I am so grateful that I have discovered this place and the people that make it wonderful.”


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