Garden Tour – You can live and be surrounded by a perfect garden oasis

I have had the pleasure of joining a garden tour. While looking at how different everyone decorated their relaxing backyard space with a touch of refreshing water, a bath for birds, an attractive outdoor cooking oven, and vibrant flowers and then incorporated fresh picked berries into an ever so delicious cake, it made me realize that there really is no limit to imagination. Have you ever treated yourself to the sound of water flowing in your back yard? Close your eyes and imagine the water with its natural healing effect flowing ever so freely. Water is the very source of all life. I hear the music in every splash; I see the joy of creating a home for small creature and bugs. As I breathe deep and take a few minutes to reflect on life while having the trickling water remind me of the basics of life. Nature speaks to us in so many ways, are we listening? Keep it simple. Have you ever woken up to the sound of birds singing ever so happily? Security and a home for birds do not take much. Even though a tree may have lost a branch, a bird would gladly utilize it. Lean a branch for a secure feeling surrounding a bird bath, sit back and watch. We really do have the pleasure of living with animals, birds and wildlife. Can you feel the warmth an outdoor cooking oven can share? I can only imagine how cozy it would feel sitting outside in the winter, sheltered by a gazebo yet warmed by the outdoor oven that is cooking a Christmas dinner for you and your family. It serves as a very appealing, useful, decorative, artistic and entertaining sculpture. Enjoy some colour. Flowers can be ever so special with their relaxing vibe and effortless to share their beauty and love for the sun. Really, I would love to sit and watch a flower all day and not only see the beauty it projects, but to feel it communicate with the surrounding. I had the pleasure of enjoying a piece of huckleberry cake. The berries were fresh picked that very morning. In fact I loved it so much, I went huckleberry picking two days later. My daughter did very well helping me; she tasted every berry she picked to ensure they were good quality. I managed to fill a container to bring home. How much more enjoyable can it get when we have the pleasure of picking berries in our back yard, and making delicious food dishes? I personally enjoy my yogurt with fruit mixed in; the berries were just a perfect addition to my already healthy choice of breakfast. I returned home with this inspiring idea of creating a water feature, planting trees, and with great inspiration to have a beginner friendly vegetable garden next year. I am planning already how I can create a space that is easy to maintain and appealing to the eye. I want to build raised garden beds to reduce the back-bending effort needed to maintain it. Also build a small greenhouse to protect my future plants from birds and insects. As a beginner Gardner, to successful gardening I am already researching a variety of things for best results. The best of all to keep in mind, how tasty your own self grown vegetables and fruits will be.