Know Your Watershed

“Water is our most precious resource. Everyone in the Basin should know where their water comes from, where it goes after they use it, and how to pass on high water quality. We all live downstream of someone’s actions.” Program Coordinator, Lee-Anne Walker

Know Your Watershed, a regionally-based watershed education program delivered throughout the Columbia Basin, is a program of the Columbia Basin Trust and is administered and managed by Wildsight. The program is directly linked to the grade 8 and 9 science curriculum. A skilled and passionate water education team made up of local professionals leads the program throughout the region.

Students take part in two classroom sessions and a full-day field trip that increase their knowledge and awareness of their watersheds and water-related issues in their communities. Student Action Projects connect students with community-based water groups and water stewardship opportunities in the community, providing hands-on, practical ways to look after our precious water resources.

Know Your Watershed has grown exponentially from its six pilot communities in 2010 to delivery in 18 communities, 24 schools, 54 classes and 1025 students in 2014!

The input and feedback from Know Your Watershed educators, classroom teachers, grade eight students, municipal water managers and community-based water groups continues to guide and refine the development of the program.


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