Classroom with Outdoors


Wildsight’s Classroom with Outdoors is the Columbia Basin’s premier environmental educational programming for intermediate students.

It’s a great way to engage and inspire this curious age group!

Kids dive into the ecology of their wild backyard with a day-long field trip to their local grassland, wetland or forest. Ecosystems come alive through hands-on investigations: dip-netting for bugs, water quality testing, discovering the web of life on the forest floor, following the energy cycle of a grassland and treasure hunting for biodiversity.

The programs are tailored to meet B.C. Ministry of Education Science curriculum learning outcomes for Grades 4 – 7.

Grade 4 Program: The Magic of Ecosystemseducation

Using magic in nature, students learn about herbology, photosynthesis “enchantment”, care of “magical creatures”, ingredients of ecosystem “potion”, the magical web of life and stewardship “spells.” The field trip is designed to fit specifically with Grade 4 intermediate curriculum. Learning outcomes are in Life Sciences and Earth and Space Science.

Grade 5 Program: Web of Life

By witnessing the drama of ecosystem survival, students discover the complex interconnections between producers, consumers and decomposers, as well as the non-living elements that support life. Students appreciate and consider the concept of renewable and non-renewable resources as they play their own game of survival.

Grade 6 Program: Diversity of life — Nature’s Services

Studying a local ecosystem through the eyes of traveling alien scientist/explorers, students learn the importance of scientific classification and the diversity of living species. The study of nature’s services leads to a discussion about how human society is supported by the processes of nature.

Grade 7 Program: Lessons from Nature

Nature has many wise ways to help us learn how to live more sustainably on the planet and in our society. Students investigate ecological principles and learn valuable lessons for life from our wisest and oldest of teachers — nature itself! The program encourages students to review and synthesize concepts learned in Grade 7 Life Sciences.

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