David Thompson Heritage Lands

Imagine a magical and majestic mountain setting with towering peaks, lush forests and pristine lakes teeming with fish. A place where ancient trees preside over wildlife corridors, critical for the endangered mountain caribou, mountain goat and grizzly bears. A rare and special ecosystem home to 305 species at risk.

We’d like to introduce you to the David Thompson Heritage Lands—a proposed wilderness area commemorating David Thompson’s explorations of the Canadian Rockies and the Columbia River route to the Pacific Ocean.

With the government of British Columbia’s support, Wildsight proposes to submit this 13,000 hectare area for designation as a National Historic Site of Canada, incorporating the lands and viewscapes bounding the Athabasca Heritage Trail from the Athabasca Pass, through Pacific and Jeffrey Creek to the confluence with the Wood River. The area is remote, even by Canadian Rocky Mountain standards, and represents an ecosystem more akin to BC’s coastal forest than to the high and dry country associated with the Rocky Mountains.

The David Thompson Heritage Lands National Historic Site of Canada is intended to recognize both an important historical figure and to safeguard a wilderness and an experience unchanged two centuries later.

There are few places remaining where those of us immersed in modern life can actually experience time travel or the closest parallel. Here, as in no other place, travellers follow in the footsteps of the explorers and First Nations people, seeing the same things they saw, experiencing a totally natural landscape that symbolizes the bravery, tenacity and vision of Canada’s heritage.

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