Ongoing Programs

Climate Solutions for the Kootenays


Climate Solutions for the Kootenays is now focused in Kimberley and Cranbrook.

Climate Solutions for the Kootenays has been developed to address the growing issues of climate change and the impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

Inspired by recent commitments from the province of British Columbia to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 33% of current levels by 2020, this program will support community initiatives everyone to work together to reach this goal.

The Climate Solutions for the Kootenays program will assess the current greenhouse gas emission level of each Kootenay community and develop personalized targets for reduction. Then, a municipal plan can be developed and put into place. ... Read more »

Columbia Headwaters


The beginning of a truly great river...

The Columbia River starts its rugged journey calmly, in the slow-flowing waters of Columbia Lake, Lake Windermere, and the Columbia Wetlands. With the B.C. Rockies on the east side, and the Purcell Mountains on the west, these headwaters are spectacular to visit. ... Read more »

David Thompson Heritage Lands

DTHL06DQ - 065.jpg

Wildsight wants to introduce you to an exciting proposal to commemorate David Thompson's explorations of the Canadian Rockies and the Columbia River route to the Pacific. The David Thompson Heritage Lands National Historic Site of Canada proposal is intended to recognize both an historic event in Canada’s past and a remote and spectacular pristine wilderness located in the Canadian Rockies.  

Education in the Wild

Engaging, experiential ecology field trips for primary and intermediate students

Wildsight gives kids the knowledge and experience of the natural world that they need to protect, conserve and cherish it. 

Our education programs are offered for free across the Columbia Basin. All programs are directly liked to grade-specific Prescribed Learning Outcomes. And because the students learn about the living world while they are in the living world, the lessons tend to stick! ... Read more »

Flathead Wild

Roy Toft-FH_MG_0683.jpg

The Flathead Valley is one of the most biologically important places on earth. The valley is home to a free-flowing river with exceptional water quality and is unmatched in North America for the variety, completeness and density of carnivore species like grizzly bears that live and breed there. As rich as the Okavango Delta or the Serengeti, it is one of the most important areas for wild flowers because it is a mixing zone for plant species from north, south, east and west. A key connection for animals moving north and south through the Rocky Mountains, it is a magical place of great wildness that has never been settled by humans.

This special place needs a special land use plan that establishes a nature sanctuary and protects Rocky Mountain wildlife connectivity. ... Read more »

Forest Stewardship


Wildsight is creating a precedent-setting model for Forest Stewardship Council certification in British Columbia. The Forest Stewardship Council provides the only independent certification recognized worldwide in both the marketplace and by the environmental community. ... Read more »

Jumbo Wild

Jumbo Mtn Cori Gadomski.jpg

What is Jumbo Glacier Resort?

The Jumbo Glacier Resort Proposal has been a source of intense public controversy since it was first proposed in 1991.

At build out, JGR would include:  ... Read more »

Lake Windermere


Ensuring the ecological integrity of Lake Windermere through science and community stewardship.

Water stewardship that really works.

Lake Windermere is the most heavily-used body of water in the entire Columbia Valley of southeast British Columbia, Canada. This shallow widening of the Columbia River is a water recreation “playground” AND a source of drinking water.

But the lake’s ecology had suffered setbacks in recent decades: ... Read more »

Living Lakes Canada


Linking science to action at the grassroots level

Canada needs active, community-supported water stewardship like never before. 
But connecting the scientific tools of monitoring and rehabilitation with the agents of change—community members—is a challenge. ... Read more »

Mountain Caribou


Mountain caribou are one of the most critically endangered animals in North America, relying entirely on old-growth forest in the world’s only Inland Temperate Rainforest. ... Read more »

Pesticide Reduction


Wildsight is committed to reducing pesticide exposure in our communities and surrounding environment. We are an active member of the Pesticide Free Columbia Basin Coalition. In a coordinated effort between the communities of Invermere, Golden, Kimberley, Cranbrook, Fernie, Rossland and Nelson, the goal of the Pesticide Free Columbia Basin coalition is to create a healthier environment and healthier communities for our citizens.The coalition is dedicated to the phase-out of non-essential, cosmetic chemical pesticides in the Columbia Basin. ... Read more »

Purcell Mountains


The Purcell Range of the Columbia Mountains includes critical wildlife habitat and provides genetic connectivity for endangered species in the United States, such as grizzly bears and mountain caribou. ... Read more »

Rivers At Risk

Wood River

Wildsight's Rivers at Risk program works to protect ecologically-intact watersheds, along with the significant biodiversity values that are being threatened by the development of run-of-river  projects throughout the Kootenay and Columbia Mountain regions.   Independent power producer's (IPPs) currently have over 600 active water license applications for hydro developments within ... Read more »

Southern Rockies


The focus of Wildsight's Southern Rockies Program is to promote science-based land use management practices throughout the transboundary Crown of the Continent ecoregion and protect a critical connection for wildlife in the Yellowstone To Yukon Corridor.

Currently there are numerous proposals for new and expanded open pit coal mining and vast coalbed methane extraction plans that are threatening to sprawl across and destroy world class wilderness in the Rocky Mountains of south eastern British Columbia.

The five existing coal mines in the Elk Valley are rapidly expanding production as they continue to supply about a fifth of the world's steel-making coal that is shipped by sea. ... Read more »

Wilderness Recreation


Wildsight is raising awareness of industrial tourism practices across B.C.’s backcountry. We continue our coalition building to oppose unsustainable exploitation of the backcountry. Our work to stop the Jumbo Glacier Resort proposal is a flagship of opposition to unsustainable industrial tourism throughout the B.C. wilderness. ... Read more »