Kat Hartwig


Kat has been working on environmental advocacy issues in BC since 1983 and joined Wildsight in 1991. With a degree in Commerce Kat has applied her business experience throughout her environmental work. Kat was a manager for Wildsight’s backcountry recreation program where she developed multi-stake holder regional and provincial coalitions that worked co-operatively on conservation issues. She has worked internationally to promote awareness of endangered species such as the Mountain Caribou and the impacts of unsustainable, industrial tourism practices. Kat has attended SRI forums throughout in North American and Europe and participated in workshops that helped to define criteria for Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER) from a non-governmental perspective. She has worked to develop shareholder resolutions that encourage environmental policies for public and private companies. Kat’s most recent portfolio includes her provincial, national and international work to develop corporate and NGO partnerships which support Wildsight’s conservation, water stewardship and climate change initiatives.

Work Phone: 250.346.3036
Cell Phone: 250.342.5445
Email: kat(at)wildsight.ca


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