Pledge For The Planet

Make a difference right now! Take a Pledge for the Planet and commit to an environmental action.

Our new Pledge for the Planet campaign is to encourage small, achievable changes to your everyday lifestyle that benefit the planet. Every positive change you make counts, and small changes add up. For example, taking one less car trip across Invermere per week can save almost 1.4 tons of carbon dioxide in year. Imagine if everyone in the Valley did that!

Choose one of our pledge suggestions below or come up your own idea. Think carefully and make sure it’s something you can stick with! Then, take a photo with your pledge and share it with Wildsight on Facebook, or email it to Select pledges will be shared online and/or highlighted in newsletters to help encourage others to make a change.

Pledge to the Planet Ideas:

·       Have a waste free lunch

·       Host a litter cleanup

·       Take shorter showers

·       Avoid bottled water

·       Speak out about protecting our lake and wetlands

·       Walk, bike or carpool to work/school

·       Write a letter to your MP or local newspaper

·       Volunteer and/or become a member of an environmental group

·       Your idea…

Our Invermere branch focuses on the following programs:

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Join The Team

Want to protect wildlife, clean water and wild spaces? Volunteer with us! Wildsight volunteers are a very special group of people who give generously of their time to stuff envelopes, attend rallies, help run events, put up posters, keep tabs on forestry practices in their communities and participate in citizen science initiatives.