From Passion to Action: A Letter from Fern Marriott

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Aren’t we lucky to live in this beautiful place? I love living in the Elk Valley surrounded by nature. I feel nurtured by the mountains, clean air and water.

Taking action to care for this place that I love so much has become very important to me. I believe that it’s our responsibility to work together to create the community we want to live in—a sustainable community where we are connected to nature and to each other.

In the Wildsight Elk Valley branch, I have found like-minded people who are moved by their passion and are committed to action. I am inspired by what they have accomplished together: projects like the EcoGarden, Bear Aware, Road Watch and Apple Capture, hands-on education programs for kids, water monitoring, invasive weed pulls, local food festivals and markets, and so much more.

So I’d like to ask you to take some time to think about what’s most important to you. What I know is that when I give to Wildsight, I give back to the place I love so much. And as a symbol of my commitment, I’m going to match your donations for the Elk Valley – up to $15,000! Your $50 gift will be doubled to $100 to protect wild spaces and build a sustainable community.

Will you join us in taking action to care for this place we all call home?


Fern Marriott,
Elk Valley Resident


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